28th Anniversary - Barrel-Aged Saison
28th Anniversary - Barrel-Aged Saison

28th Anniversary - Barrel-Aged Saison

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To commemorate our 28th Anniversary, this sparkling Saison is 60% young Saison blended with 40% matured Saison aged in French Oak Chardonnay barrels, each with citrus zest. 28 is an exceptional, light and effervescent Saison, reminiscent of Champagne, with magical textures, aromas and flavours from the patient barrel-ageing process that can’t be achieved any other way. Elegant white wine and French Oak characters (spicy pepper, grape, apple, and floral notes) with a creamy vanilla finish. 

ALC BY VOL: 6.2%

International Bitterness Units (IBUs): 10


Water, Barley, Spelt, Hops, Yeast, Citrus Zest.


    Saison beers pair well with a wide variety of foods. The beer’s dry, palate-cleansing character will cut through rich and flavourful roasted meats and pair well with everything from grilled vegetables to aromatic cheeses. The higher carbonation will pair best with mild to medium spicy foods