Q&A with Henry Chan, Brewer & Packaging Technician, Hong Kong Beer Co

Q&A with Henry Chan, Brewer & Packaging Technician, Hong Kong Beer Co

What inspired you to become a brewer?

Henry: In late 2017, I was on holiday in Germany and visited a craft beer bar for the first time. I was really surprised by all of the complex and delicious flavours that were possible in craft beer. That was the seed of my inspiration. I cultivated my interest in craft beer by taking the internationally renowned Cicerone Certification Program first level exam and working as a beer sommelier. My interest in craft beer only continued to grow. Then, in early 2019, I decided to join a craft brewery in Hong Kong and pursue a career as a professional brewer.

What do you like most about being a brewer?

Henry: Brewing is a pretty cool job because there is so much to know and lots of room for creativity.

What do you like most about craft beer?

Henry: Craft beer is full of passion, soul, and character.

What do you like to do in Hong Kong on your days off?

Henry: On my days off, I am open to trying anything so long as it is with my wife! One relaxing thing we like to do together on the weekends is go to a fancy café for brunch. We especially like Years and Black Sugar.

What sports do you like to play or watch and who are your favourite teams?

Henry: I like to play and watch football. My favourite team is Chelsea.

What types of music do you like? Who are your favourite music artists?

Henry: I like R&B and rock music. I think Jay Chou is a genius.

What do you value most in your friends?

Henry: I value sincerity and loyalty.