Sevens - Stout
Sevens - Stout

Sevens - Stout

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Rich roasted coffee flavour with hint of malt sweetness and impression of chocolate. A dark, full-bodied ale with creamy foam and healthy addition of oats for silky, smooth mouthfeel.

ALC BY VOL: 5.5%

International Bitterness Units (IBUs): 35


Water, Barley, Wheat, Oats, Hops, Yeast.


  • Double Gold, Asia Beer Challenge 2023 (Hong Kong)
  • Category Best, 2023 Cathay HK IWSC (Hong Kong)
  • Gold, 2023 Cathay HK IWSC (Hong Kong)
  • Silver, Korea International Beer Award 2023 (Korea)
  • Silver, Asia Beer Challenge 2022 (Hong Kong)
  • Silver, 2022 Cathay HK IWSC (Hong Kong)
  • Bronze, 2022 Asia Beer Championship (Singapore)
  • Bronze, International Beer Cup 2022 (Japan)


Despite its dark colour, Sevens has a surprising frothy lightness and relatively low alcohol by volume (ABV) at 5.5%. Salty snacks like peanuts, French fries, and sliders are go-to accompaniments. Sevens is also ideal for serving with rich, spicy dishes such as crispy suckling pig with roasted root vegetables, slow-braised beef stews or chilli, and hearty Szechuan dishes. When dinner's over, Sevens can stand in for coffee alongside whatever you're offering for dessert, especially chocolate desserts (such as chocolate souffle with ice cream or molten lava cake) and delicious cheese plates.